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Facebook ate my brain

I've been on Facebook for a week now (if you know me, find me there) and it is such a delirious feeling.

Now, I didn't think I'd enjoy it. At all. I was generally scared of people from my past, thinking surely they remember my weirdness, immaturity, and inappropriate moments.

Further, I was always afraid of the different parts of my life colliding. I was the child who, when running into a schoolmate at the mall, would hide behind my mother because it was so disorienting to see anyone out of their proper context. I always avoided having an online presence that interacted with multiple different parts of my life. I thought different friend-groups were best kept separate.

So, Facebook was scary. But which_chick convinced me, and I signed up.

Now, yes, all different eras of my life are represented there, from people I knew when I was three years old to people I met two years ago. But it's all good! It's better than good! It is (and I think this is the last time I will use this simile) like living everywhere I've ever lived all at the same time. I can find out that the little girl next door, 9 years old when I left, has become an amazing woman. I finally found out what happened to the guy we all had a crush on in high school. But most importantly, I can simply follow along quietly with the people I've lost touch with.

I got my best highschool (and continuing) friend to join. I miss her, and I lose track of even what age her kids are. But now it's like living nextdoor: we don't talk everyday, but when she posts her status, I see her coming and going, and just know what's generally up in her life. That is invaluable. I hope she keeps up with it.

It's been like a dream the past week. I'm just getting used to it now.
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