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Quick text-only Peter update

Peter is a week shy of 17 months. That's almost a year and a half, for those not thinking in months (toddler-parents do, but I seem to recall the "X months" format glazing over my eyes before I had my own).

For about a month now Peter has been saying two-word phrases on his own. I think the first one he came up with spontaneously was at my parents' on the 8th or 9th of September, when he slid down off the bed from me and announced where he was going: "Dada go-go!" (You have to imagine the latter with full toddler enunciation: "Go-GOUUU!")

Lately he has been repeating three-word phrases. Yesterday he repeated "go get cart" after me at the grocery store. Today at the playground, he came out with one that just blew me away, but I promptly forgot it! Also, he is using possessives: "Mama book" "Dada shoe(s)" and, surprisingly, "My shoe(s)"!

He seems to think the language we are speaking is verb-final, adjective-final, and possessor-possessee (in the latter case he is correct). Verb-final and adjective-final is an odd mixture; English itself is very odd in having the object come after the verb but the adjective come before the noun, and his version is equally odd, but in the other direction! I love having a front-row seat to language acquisition.

He is counting twos. "Vhan duuu" (two vans). "Bebee duuu" (two children). I first noticed it yesterday. We can hardly believe our ears.

Living next to a busy road, he has learned the words for: car, truck, van, bus, pickup truck ("Gidikidikaa"), dump truck ("dah dahm"), mail truck ("meymey dah", which is used for UPS, Fedex, and other delivery vans as well as the US Postal mail), bicycle (now standardized to "bickle" instead of the charming "bwichikle"), cement truck ("men dah"), helicopter ("wuh-wuh" - ok, this one is his imitation of my imitation of the rotor sounds), and airplane ("bebee" - requires context to disambiguate; the same sounds are used for "baby" and "playground" as well as "plane"). His favorites (of the ground-based vehicles) are pickup trucks and buses, and bicycles (Daddy rides a bicycle!)

I gave him shoes a month ago. I wish I'd recorded it. Who knew a competent walker, put in shoes for the first time, would wobble on his ankles and trip over his feet! He figured it out within two days, though.

He is down to one mid-day nap. Sometimes three hours, sometimes two. Right now he has just woken up so I guess this is it for now.
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