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Carrington event preparedness

I was tasked with evaluating the feasibility of household emergency preparedness for this event.

Short answer? Preparing for the fabled Atlantic mega-tsunami would be easier. (We wouldn't have to move as far west to avoid that one.)

Longer answers:

1) Move to self-sufficient island nation. Uh, do those exist?
2) Move to politically stable underdeveloped nation. See above...
3) Lobby Congress to force nationwide energy grid to rebuild in a less vulnerable way. Within 3 years.
4) Move west of the Mississippi.
5) Join a survivalist enclave. Probably redundant with 4).
6) Try to become survivalist-in-place. This would buy us some as-yet-undetermined amount of time, before the local lake/stream gets hopelessly fouled and all the deer get eaten. Wouldn't buy us the 4-10 years of systemic collapse the New Scientist site predicts.

Oh well. At least I can stop worrying about the little things.
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