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Cutest ever

Cutest-ever thing for today:

After dinner, Peter was walking with his box (he can walk, now, but he can walk faster if he's pushing a box, and walking with his various boxes is his new totally favorite thing ever in the world), and I was standing at the sink cleaning up. From the other room I hear incredulous, delighted chuckling. I look over, and he is crouched down in front of the stopped box. I surmised that he had bumped into and then found the Snack-Trap full of puffed corn cereal, with which I had kept him occupied in the grocery store earlier today, and was now gloating over his find like some chimpanzee unable to suppress its food call when it finds the planted cache of bananas in the animal-psychology experiment.

Eventually, box-pushing resumed and he came thumping back into the kitchen toward me. As he pulled up to me, I glanced down into the box. There with his other motley assortment of treasures (stick, teething ring, discarded cardboard packaging, thin battered Heinlein paperback he pulled off the shelves) was the Snack-Trap! It was so cute! Now I know he really is putting things into the box because he likes them, and not just at random.

His first birthday is coming up next week. Happily he will not notice the lack of cake, as cake contains 3/4 of his allergens. I don't think he'll mind either if the presents trickle in one at a time instead of in one big unwrapping-fest.

One month and two days ago, I saw him take his first connected three steps and sketched out in my head a complicated LJ post comparing and contrasting improvements he'd made over the previous month with those he was making just in that week, addressing six areas evenly distributed between physical, mental and social milestones. I got three paragraphs written (LJ saved it as a draft) and then forgot I'd ever started it. I think the improvements were as follows:

  • Walking: he was taking single steps throughout his 11th month, and took three steps at almost 11 months.
  • Stairs: he had been crawling up for some time, and was just beginning to teach himself how to crawl down them by swinging his left leg over the edge.
  • Drinking water: I had just introduced him to water in a cup (actually, another Snack-Trap without the lid) and he took to it like a duck. Which is to say, he ends up covered in water.
  • "No": this one was particularly interesting. Over the previous few weeks, he'd started responding to "No", but closer to the time I was composing my list, he'd also shown an awareness of rules, avoiding situations which had led to a "No" before.
  • Waving: he was waving rather indiscriminately at the time, just to see people wave back. Now he has connected waving with saying goodbye.

Well, that was only five, and three of them were physical. Maybe the three sets of two were divided up differently than I thought. I wonder which improvement I forgot? He has said a word once or twice; maybe that was it.
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